The DVD List

The DVD List is a perl-based package to facilitate the lending of DVD's people have collected as an office-intranet application or between a group of friends.

It was written to replace a system that was based around a csv file that had to be manually updated, and so represents the Next Generation tool for your DVD-listing needs, and is licensed under the same terms as perl (GPL/Artistic).


The latest version of the DVD list may be downloaded from here. Installation instructions are included with the distribution. Versions currently available for download are as follows:

Version Codename Date
dvdlist-0.1.0 Welles [2001-01-31]
dvdlist-0.0.7 Brosnan [2001-01-17]
dvdlist-0.0.1 Smithee [2001-01-09]

Patches and bug reports should be sent to The system is currently in its infancy and I expect there will be a number of issues with the system, hopefully nothing *too* dreadful, but you never know! 8)

All releases will be given an arbitrary code name (in addition to an arbitrary version number) which will be the surname of a famous movie star/director. Email suggestions to


The DVD List was written during 40-minute commutes between Luton and London (Farringdon) stations on Thameslink trains. That probably explains quite a lot 8)

Release History

2001-01-31 - V0.1.0 (welles)

An important landmark - now functionally complete, the launch version. Probably lots of bugs which will be ironed out over a couple of months. The design has been modified to improve navigation and consistency.

Features added:

2001-01-17 - V0.0.7 (brosnan)

Very nearly approaching functional completeness (at least in the most basic sense of the term) but not quite there yet. Code has been tidied, restructured and modularised, and is much better than the last version.

Features Added:

2001-01-10 - V0.0.5 (burton)

(not publically released)

This version added session handling, member control and this README, as well as a few tweaks and bugfixes here and there. Not so much the actor as the wagon wheel.

2001-01-09 - V0.0.1 (smithee)

The first ever public release. Almost completely useless. Significantly lacking. Director requested his name removed from this release 8)

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